Linne is a clothing project creating poetic, heirloom inspired garments with a classic, timeless quality. I work made-to-order in 100% Oeko-Tex linen and create readymade pieces in vintage and antique textiles. Each piece is individually cut and sewn in my home studio in Denmark. 

The collection is continual, occasionally launching new seasonless pieces throughout the year: each design is inspired by vintage treasures but with functionality and the future in mind.


MADE TO ORDER : is where you can see the current collection. All 100% oeko tex linen with mostly vintage details

ARCHIVE : are archived pieces from previous years  

READYMADE : is unique ready to ship garments in antique, vintage and repurposed textiles. It includes designs from the archive   

How it works:


Purchasing of my garments takes place via the contact form – send me a message with the name of the garment and size you would like and I will contact you. I do not have E-commerce as stock is limited - this is a slow, sustainable project and I prefer to talk with my customer before they purchase.


– Esme Chapman-Lund




[photo: Katy Lawrence]